The Gravitational Leap


In a frigid post-apocalyptic world, the harshest of all winters descends on the Tower clan as they prepare for war. Timo and Alyd, a husband and wife sniper team for the clan’s security force, is brought together with Maldor, the mysterious elder and science director, when an enemy scout is killed.

Maldor is the last in a long line of elders waiting for a chance to correct a mistake in the past. The surprise union, and supernova event that took place three-hundred-sixty years ago, are the only hope for mankind’s future existence. Will their efforts be enough to save what's left of mankind? Read The Gravitational Leap and find out.

My debut science fiction novel explores the relationships between religion, science, faith, love, loss, betrayal, greed and loyalty as the clans clash for control of the ultimate power source of their world.

This book is intriguing. You never knew what was going to happen next and you were always rooting for your favorite characters, but weren’t really sure which ones those were. You felt that there was a lot of romance going on in this book, even as there was plenty of action. For anyone who loves either type of book, you’re going to be more than happy with what you find. The Gravitational Leap by Darrell Lee is a book that you will not forget and it’s one you definitely won’t want to put down any time soon because it’s jam packed with everything you could possibly want.

Reviewed by Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers' Favorite

In a gripping tale that blends historical fact and scientific speculation, the hero of The Gravitational Leap must risk all to end the desperation of a failing civilization and spark the chance for a global reawakening.

By Chanticleer

...My husband read it first and said it was very good. I woke up at three am this morning and rushed to finish reading the book before I left for work. Awesome!...

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