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The Apotheosis


Absolute power corrupts, and the scientist at the center of Darrell Lee’s new science-fiction thriller THE APOTHEOSIS , is the perfect storm of ill-intentioned genius, wealth, and cruel obsession.

Channeling the propulsive action and scientific-authenticity of a Michael Crichton novel, Darrell Lee delivers an all to plausible bio-engineering disaster in the waiting. John Numen is the man with too much—money, status, and brilliance—for his own good. With a tale spanning nearly a century, Numen’s technological advancements remake the world in his own image to devastating results.


The Apotheosis is a Silver Medal Winner of the Reader's Favorite International Book Award Contest in the Fiction - Action genre. The Readers' Favorite International Book Award Contest has thousands of contestants from over a dozen countries, ranging from new independent authors to NYT best-sellers and celebrities. Readers' Favorite is one of the largest book review and award contest sites on the Internet. They receive submissions from independent authors, small publishers, and publishing giants such as Random House, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster, with contestants that range from the first-time, self-published author to New York Times bestsellers like J.A. Jance, James Rollins, and #1 best-selling author Daniel Silva, as well as celebrity authors like Jim Carrey (Bruce Almighty), Henry Winkler (Happy Days), and Eriq La Salle (E.R., Coming to America).

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"The Apotheosis takes the big ideas and moral complexity of hard sci-fi and mixes it with modern thriller trappings to create a science fiction chiller that will keep you engaged until the very last page." ★★★★ San Francisco Book Review

"The Apotheosis is a twisted tale of incredible magnitude. The commonalities of life —love, loss, passion, and fear—are ingeniously woven into this dark and, at times, insane story that explores currently untrodden territory in which a longing for immortality is at the heart." ★★★★★ Seattle Book Review

"There is a lot that goes on in this book, and honestly, it all kept me going despite its length. With the story not being too far into the future, it is scary to think whether cloning will be in our actual future or not. It is refreshing to read a story where everything falls into place and the people and places contain secrets in its pages that are revealed throughout the story to its audience."  ★★★★★ Tulsa Book Review


"To call The Apotheosis a modern Frankenstein is only partially accurate. While there are many parallels between the two books, The Apotheosis is a wholly modern creation, revealing new hopes and new fears for our rapidly changing world. Many fans of science fiction will find it a fascinating and thought-provoking tale, just as I did."  ★★★★★ Manhattan Book Review

"I won this book during a giveaway and I'm so glad because it's not something I would normally read. This one is highly recommended! ...It keeps you on the edge of your seat. ...Would definitely recommend this book to anyone and not just sci-fi lovers (because I am so not and I still loved it)." ★★★★★ L. Barth, Goodreads Review


"I cannot say enough good things about this book. It was truly a pleasure to read. There was a perfect balance of description and dialogue. I did not want to put it down. I feel that often books are repetitions of the same scenarios, outcomes are predictable, and characters are not intertwined well. Not the case for this book. A fresh, original story. Well told with beautifully interwoven characters. There are a few ARC copies still available, grab 'em!"- ★★★★★ L. Green, Goodreads Review

"I received an ARC signed by the author in a Goodreads giveaway, thank you! All thoughts are my own. This is a sci-fi novel set in the future...It zips back and forth in time but it's easy to follow.  I give this one 4 1/2 stars... Buckle up, it's a wild ride!"

- ★★★★ S.  Loyer, Goodreads Review


The characters are real —John Numen, Dr. Ethan Shinwell, Dr. Jones, and a host of others — and the conflict is phenomenal. The Apotheosis is one of those books that explore the anatomy of human greed and how far an insane mind will go to achieve sinister goals." - ★★★★★ Reviewed by Christian Sia


​"Character development is impeccable...The plot is fast paced and readers will enjoy the exploration of the scientific community...The writing is gorgeous...This novel is a great meld of sci-fi, horror, and adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat!" - ★★★★★ Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio


​"...Lee's characters, eschewing black and white, good vs evil, allows for their complex and fully-fleshed personalities to become larger than life. Who do we root for? That's up to the reader to decide. Highly recommended." - ★★★★★ Reviewed by Jamie Michele


​"The tangled web of deceit and corruption in the story is woven throughout with nail biting conflict. Not often does a novel make you question your own values but this one did mine...the end had me on the edge of my seat, followed by an excellent twist that was absolutely masterful." - ★★★★★ Reviewed by Lesley Jones


​"The Apotheosis is intensely emotional, a story with psychological depth and characters that are engaging and real." - ★★★★★ Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo

"The descriptions in this novel are delicious. If you like SciFi this is a must read. If you also take pleasure in prose, then the narrative is the cherry on top." - ★★★★★ Mack Little, author of The 1st Daughter (Scions of Darkness #1)

"...enthralling sci-fi romp that zeros in on bold characters." - Kirkus Reviews

"The plot is powerful, disturbing and truly thought provoking. After reading The Apotheosis I asked myself, “Could this really happen someday”? I’m afraid to say that I think it could!" - ★★★★★ T. Hutchings, Goodreads Review

"Darrell lee's writing style has to ability to bring alive this story of insanity and greed, of forbidden pleasure, and romance." - ★★★★★ Cj Zawacki, Goodreads Review