Inbox Joy

The very best thing a writer can get in their inbox is an email from a reader like the one I got yesterday:

Mr. Lee

I wanted to thank you for such a great read that I had won from GOODREADS. I enjoyed the story line as well as your writing style. I have posted a review to Goodreads and Amazon.

Here is the review:

THE APOTHEOSIS, by Darrell Lee, takes one into a future cloning experiment by John Numen. Numen is a doctor who has had great success in using his research to clone animals, but then takes his research to a darker side. Very well written, a novel that does not seem to be far into today's headlines on cloning research. Darrell lee's writing style has the ability to bring alive this story of insanity and greed, of forbidden pleasure, and romance. Will the darker side of Numen continue, or is there a limit to immortality. I eagerly await your next novel Cj Zawacki

The arraignment between a writer and reader is a special one. You take a chance on me and I do my very best not to waste your time. I am glad I held up my end of the bargain. Thank you, Cj Zawacki, so much for the kind words, it means a great deal to me and even more so that you took the time to write a review.

The current running giveaway ends March 27th. Good luck to all!

The book release date for The Apotheosis has been set. May 18, 2019. The book signing event will be held at Murder By The Book, 2342 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX. Although not required, if you can, please RSVP by April 15, 2019 so the bookstore can get a rough idea how many books to have available. You can RSVP here. The book signing will begin at 4:30 PM. There will be two door prizes up for grabs, 23 and Me DNA kits, each a $199 value. Also, with the purchase of the book at the signing you will get a voucher for a drink or selected wines at the post signing party at Bar Victor, 4321 Montrose Blvd, Houston, TX.

On a completely different note, here is a fun fact for the day. There is a jellyfish-like creature have one opening that serves as both a mouth and an anus. Are these scientist studying jellyfish or politicians?

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