My Two Favorite Science Fiction Novels

The question was posed to me to pick just two books in the science fiction genre that I consider must reads. Finding an answer to the question wasn't that hard for me. The following two books leap to my mind.

Cormac McCarthy's vision of a post-apocalyptic America in The Road is terrifying, but also beautiful and tender. The love between a father and son are at the forefront of this gripping tale. McCarthy's prose are to brilliant.

Philip K. Dick was way ahead of his time. Too bad he didn't live long enough to see most of his work turned into major motion pictures. Of the lot, if I have to pick one, I choose Ubik. The book is largely told from the viewpoint of Joe Chip, who works for an agency of "anti-psis" that stops telepaths invading other people's privacy. This "prudence organization" is run by a man called Runciter with the assistance of his wife, who has died physically but is kept in a state of "half-life" in a "cold-pac" specialized "moratorium" where Runciter is able to communicate with her. Just when you think you have a handle on this story it squirms away.

I didn't want to include my own books on my favorite's list, but I can only hope that someday they will be on someone's list. The Gravitational Leap is my own McCarthy-like tale of a post apocalyptic world. Cold and dark and I think brings hope we can, as a species, reach our potential.

The Apotheosis - It is a near-future science fiction novel, equal parts thriller and speculative fiction, focusing on an extraordinary (and ultimately ruthless) man's quest for immortality and control through the secret power of cloning -- a technology that he alone and in secret developed and perfected, and that only he truly understands. The Apotheosis launches in mid 2019.

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