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I am pleased to announce I have signed another contract with Progressive Rising Phoenix Press. My debut science fiction novel, 'The Gravitational Leap', explored the relationships between religion, science, faith, love, loss, betrayal, greed and loyalty as clans clash for control of the ultimate power source of their world. 'The Gravitational Leap' is a READERS' FAVORITE and was shortlisted for the 2018 Chanticleer International Book Awards.

My new work, 'The Apotheosis' is a science fiction thriller, about John Numen, a brilliant scientist and doctor, and a billionaire investor who manipulates biology, his own family, the scientific establishment, and even the world economy to achieve his own obsessive ends. A near-genius seeking immortality and control through the power of a technology that he alone secretly developed and perfected, and that only he truly understands. Follow the adventures, tragedies, and intricate world-changing plots of this extraordinary and ruthless man – a story that spans continents and decades.

Coming 2019

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